Terrifier 2

After being resurrected by a sinister entity, Art the Clown returns to Miles County where he must hunt down and destroy a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night. As the body count rises, the siblings fight to stay alive while uncovering the true nature of Art's evil intent.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 138 minutes
  • Genre: Horror
  • Stars: David Howard Thornton, Lauren LaVera, Samantha Scaffidi, Casey Hartnett, Griffin Santopietro, Felissa Rose, Sarah Grace Sanders, Elliott Fullam, Tamara Glynn, Devon Roth, Charlie McElveen, Darsh Gandhi, Jenna Kanell, Catherine Corcoran, Katie Maguire, Jackie Adragna, Sarah Voigt, Amelie McLain, Michael Leavy, Rick Styczynski
  • Director: Damien Leone
  • johanhoekstra87 - 9 January 2023
    Love Art the clown
    Great horror movie! I loved the first one but this one is also good! The blood and gore are sometimes to much for me, but Art the clown has great potential to be the new horror icon!

    My only critism is that i think the movie is to long. I think for the next one a hour a half would be enough. And I didn't like the dream moments and the little clown girl. I like suspense but sometimes the movie feels like the gore is only there for the gore.

    I can recommend this movie if you like slasher movies and horror movies with a lot of gore! The character of Art the clown makes this movie!

    I can't wait for a part 3!

  • RiaHelen - 3 January 2023
    Tiberius Films strikes again - but not in a good way
    It's not even the worst that the movie only consists of nonsensical needless gore without any sense or context. You could rather watch a local butcher do his job in your hometown and it would acquire the same excitement.

    The worst are the actors (excluding the clown, that actor did a fabulous job), the poor dialogues ("why are you not listening me and blaming me?!" - "because!" ???) and the unnecessary long scenes. Every single scene could've been cut by a few seconds or even minutes and then, maybe, the movie wouldnt give you the same feeling as watching your boomer mother searching for the space bar on the computer keyboard. Maybe, and only maybe, then the movie would've had a chance to build the slightest tension that otherwise you were searching for unsuccessfully.

    We finally walked out of the cinema when after 40 minutes the plot (and the gore/splatter) still hadn't really developed but instead only some school children and a clown had played with an already dead opposum and its rotten maggot infested insides for over 10 minutes straight.

    Save your money and your time, this movie ain't worth it.