The Exorcism

A troubled actor begins to unravel while shooting a supernatural horror film, leading his estranged daughter to wonder if he's slipping back into his past addictions or if there's something more sinister at play.

  • Released: 2023-02-23
  • Runtime: 95 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Thrillers
  • Stars: Russell Crowe, Ryan Simpkins, Chloe Bailey, Sam Worthington, David Hyde Pierce, Tracey Bonner, Samantha Mathis, Adam Goldberg, Adrian Pasdar, Josh Warren, Joya Joseph, Hallie Samuels, Scott Rapp, Robert Fortunato, Drew Broderick, Chris TC Edge, Marcenae Lynette, William Hutchings, Jobie James, Zach Padlo
  • Director: Joshua John Miller
  • pixrox1 - 3 July 2024
    This film sets out to expose an egregious demon . . .
    . . . named "Moloch," the deity of child sacrifice. Obviously, THE EXORCISM has been released in response to the crimes of the 32 American Red States. Renegade swamp lands such as Ohio are trying to force 10-year-old female sects assault victims to carry traumatic life-threatening pregnancies to full term and then drop out of school to rear their bad seed. Such satanic witchcraft has been mandated by the U. S. High Kangaroo Court, of which a six-member majority kowtow to the sort of medieval nonsense depicted in THE EXORCISM. This film illustrates that six bad apples can turn an entire nation into a mash of rotten fruit.
  • GoneTooFar - 26 June 2024
    You can skip this one.
    I was genuinely hoping some sort of 'The Pope's Exorcist' tie-in at the end as compensation for the time I wasted on this, but I can only dream.

    The entire movie is a giant mess. Unsolved mysteries, forgotten characters and storylines and just dark - in terms of lighting; it was very hard to see some of the actors during some scenes.

    It's neither gripping or scary. This movie is so bad that I can't get myself to even praise Crowe's performance.

    I understand the production had huge hurdles to overcome but that won't even serve as an excuse for this awful film. How this managed to be green lit by so many execs etc and make it to the big screen will remain the real mystery.

    As the title suggest, give this one a miss. You're actually better off not seeing it.