Disillusioned with life in the city, feeling out of place in suburbia, and frustrated that her happily ever after hasn’t been so easy to find, Giselle turns to the magic of Andalasia for help. Accidentally transforming the entire town into a real-life fairy tale and placing her family’s future happiness in jeopardy, she must race against time to reverse the spell and determine what happily ever after truly means to her and her family.

  • Released: 2022-12-16
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family
  • Stars: Amy Adams, James Marsden, Patrick Dempsey, Idina Menzel, Maya Rudolph, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jayma Mays, Kolton Stewart, Oscar Núñez, Gabby Baldacchino, Gabriella Baldacchino, Griffin Newman
  • Director: Adam Shankman
  • KENnethHField - 7 January 2023
    Amy Adams my heroin."It's more enchanted."
    I loved and admired the predecessor. I could just enjoy this as a movie, as the sequel to a film I loved, and as a story.

    Of the character I love. Or I just enjoyed watching the predecessor's actresses and actors act and smile (I hope some of them were real.) First of all, I felt nostalgia, even though I just watched the predecessor a year ago. (I am a bouy who was born in Japan in the year the predecessor was released.) Giselle doesn't act like she did before so much, but Amy Adams acted great as Giselle herself or even as "wicked" Giselle. Her complicated impression between Giselle herself and "wicked" Giselle was well done. It's difficult for me to compare her performance in the previous film to this one because it's been 15 years. So they changed, and Giselle became wicked for a time. However, I think Amy Adams' acting as Giselle has become somewhat modest, her acting as "wicked" Giselle was skillful too. Amy Adams sings and dances beautifully, and the dances and songs were enjoyable. I especially like the moment when she runs to a band of citizens to dance with; it was like she got out from Disney animation (38:54). Robert dances and sings (it was weird watching Robert act like that). Idina Menzel finally sings, but her voice wasn't as good as I expected. Anyway I believe (hope) that her acting has improved. In the last scene, Idina Menzel seemed really happy. James Marsden acted,sang as nicely as before, I am just glad he didn't change. The animation scene with him and his queen was nicely done. It's a shame that I didn't notice that Pip's voice actor has changed. Amy Adams, despite her changes, never loses her beauty. Her smiles and gestures reminded me of Giselle and Amy Adams in the enchanted. Amy Adams/Giselle was the same Amy Adams/Giselle who attracted me and stole my heart.

    I rewatched the predecessor as I saw many reviews saying this one is a bad sequel. And I noticed several things.

    First of all, I don't understand its target demographic. Maybe it's because of the era, but this movie seemed to be rather childish and cheap compared to its predecessor. Especially how people (including Morgan) around Giselle react to her.

    Secondly, Malvina Monroe is too vicious for a Disney movie, I believe. (As I said, maybe it's because of the era.) to me, watching Malvina Monroe bully Giselle was just annoying. And Maya Rudolph was just making funny faces. Or I can say that she succeeded in making me hate her (as Amy Adams succeeded in making me like her and think she is really innately innocent, kind, and warmhearted).

    Thirdly, the idea of "wicked" Giselle was fun and another way of enjoying Giselle; it also gave Amy Adams an opportunity to act as Giselle in a different way. Amy Adams is a good actress who can act variously, from an innocent, kind girl to a wicked stepmother.

    But it might have been unpleasant to see Giselle becoming a wicked stepmother (I first surprised). Watching Giselle fight with "wicked Giselle" was a spectacle due to Amy Adams' acting. "Wicked" Giselle is She is, indeed, a far cry from her predecessor's original Giselle. I believe it was because of "some reason." Maybe they thought letting Amy Adams act as Giselle 15 years later wasn't a good idea. Anyway, it was good to see Amy Adams/Giselle in the last scene.

    Although the last scene and the ball scene were done by the predecessor, they were emotional and important.

    Furthermore, many reviews say the plot could have been better; but to me, it was a good sequel. Maybe it was just like destroying the previous happily ever after and then creating another happily ever after. That was like a step back, and two steps ahead. Anyway, I was just glad for the sequel. So it was a nice story about a crisis after the happily ever after. However, I could say that I missed the same filmmakers, but how could this movie have been better if the same filmmakers had made it?

    At least, I could enjoy Amy Adams' acting as "wicked" Giselle. I still miss the predecessor, though.

    Finally, I guess they made Amy Adams look different to make her fit the role of "wicked" Giselle.

    She was just temporarily wicked, and many actors and actresses appeared (Nathaniel and some didn't). I can't deny the reviews saying this could have been better. But was this the worst?

    At least this movie and its predecessor managed to make me emotional.

    Fun, tiny fine things, and amusing behaviours were not as prevalent as in the predecessor. This is what a movie is and can do. This is what their job is. This even made me want to meet the characters and the cast, especially Amy Adams.

    Amy Adams' voice and Alan Menken's job were fantastic, certainly. Perhaps because this movie is a blend of many Disney movies, Idina Menzel sang the song "Love Power." To be honest, I wanted Amy Adams to sing, but maybe it wasn't the right kind of song (tone or something like that) for Amy Adams to sing. Anyway, I laughed when the lyrics of the song included "let it grow."

    Although the last scene and the ball scene were done by the predecessor, they were emotional and important.

    This film and the actresses and actors gave me a chance to get into the world of fantasy, as its predecessor did. I will never forget the cosy time I spent watching Enchanted and Disenchanted. It was so good that I could see those characters in modern times with better video quality. The harmony between reality and a fairy tale-like story is excellent.

    The last scene was so nice, especially when Giselle looked at Robert and Morgan talking with her love interest. It was so family thing. And this happily ever after is relatively practical that you can maybe accomplish. In the last, Giselle looked exactly the same as she did in the predecessor. These actresses and actors must have (or may have) felt something as well.

    The ending credit animation was somewhat sorrowful. The ending animation was like someone's dream about an old, good memory or the memory after everyone's gone. The song "Love Power" matched the ending role. I still wonder what it would have been like if Amy Adams had sung it.

    I will never forget Enchanted and Disenchated that taught me a dream everyone should remember.

    Thank you to the actresses, actors, and filmmakers, especially the great actress Amy Adams.

    Amy Adams You are my heroine, whom I respect, admire, and want to learn from. Thank you for your work.
  • mariamroumie - 29 December 2022
    I dont know why this movie has a low review. It deserves at least a 7 or 8. It was beautiful, funny and just as great as the first movie. I think i watched disenchanted 3 times so far (lol). I LOVE the twist with Gisselle becoming wicked, it was an interesting take to the movie. I love how it relates to real life, the struggles of Giselle finding herself. Thank you producers for the great film. SO worth the wait! The only downside (but this is my personal opinion) is that there was a bit too much singing in the movie. But overall its a great movie that i would recommend if you have seen the first movie and loved it.