DC League of Super-Pets

DC League of Super-Pets

When Superman and the rest of the Justice League are kidnapped, Krypto the Super-Dog must convince a rag-tag shelter pack - Ace the hound, PB the potbellied pig, Merton the turtle and Chip the squirrel - to master their own newfound powers and help him rescue the superheroes.

  • Released: 2022-07-27
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Adventure, Animation, Family
  • Stars: Olivia Wilde, Jemaine Clement, Daveed Diggs, John Early, Ben Schwartz, Thomas Middleditch, David Pressman, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Keanu Reeves, Vanessa Bayer, John Krasinski, Diego Luna, Natasha Lyonne, Kate McKinnon, Jameela Jamil, Marc Maron, Thomas Middleditch, Ben Schwartz, Kevin Conroy, Dascha Polanco, David Pressman, Sean Lee, Alfred Molina, Lena Headey, Keith David, Busy Philipps, Dan Fogler, David Pressman, Maya Erskine, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alfred Molina, Lena Headey, Keith David, Busy Philipps, Dan Fogler, Winona Bradshaw, David Pressman, Sam Levine, Jared Stern, Michelle Morgan, Amanda Ames, Gavin McCrillis
  • Director: Jared Stern
  • amwilburn-60131 - 19 December 2022
    DC League of Super Pets (2022) was surprisingly decent. It is still an animated film aimed at kids, but unlike really dumbed down fare aimed *solely* at kids, adults will find something to like here as well. Especially Keanu Reeves as Batman (Reeves elevates any role he takes), but both Kevin Hart & Vanessa Bayer give really good performances (normally not a fan of the latter because everything she did on SNL outside of Miley Cyrus felt like she was just playing herself, but first Brooklyn 99 and now this show she *can* act)

    Visually they did skew this a bit younger, and unlike visual powerhouse animated films like Spiderverse or Disney, this looks painful simplistic and undetailed. Everything looks almost gouraud shaded, with no specular highlights or reflections, giving everything a soft vague look.

    Still entertaining 7.7/10, B.
  • espinozanico - 23 October 2022
    Subverted my expectations.
    When I saw the trailers for this movie I was a bit skeptical. I remember the "Krypto the Superdog" cartoon from when I was a kid and was glad to see it getting a movie. However, the trailers made it seem like just a generic kids movie.

    Although, after watching the movie in theaters, a few weeks after it came out, I am happy to say that it surprised me. The movie was really fun, cute, and very clever at times. It had a surprising amount of innuendos. Most of them involving the horny turtle. There were many inside jokes for DC fans. Throughout the movie there is joke after joke. While not all of them land, you do get one every so often that does. I like how everything starts out very mundane and then gradually gets more crazy as the film goes on.

    The voice acting is also pretty good. Dwayne Johnson brings a lot of optimism to Krypto. Krypto is very guileless in the movie. Kevin Hart is doing his usual Kevin Hart thing, though his character did have a very sad backstory. Kate McKinnon is very entertaining as the evil Guinea Pig. John Karinski and Keanu Reaves do a fine job as their respective superheroes. And Ben Schwartz has proven again to be a great voice actor. One of my favorite characters is Lex Luthor's assistant. She's very edgy and is not having any of it.

    My biggest problem is that the ending is a bit drawn out. Something happens that feels like it's the climax and the movie should be wrapping up. But it turns out there is still a little bit more movie left. The pacing is also a bit weird at times. And I feel like Krypto and Ace could've had more interactions. Superman and Batman's dog going a "buddy comedy" adventure sounds like a really entertaining idea, but there are also three other less established animals who take up a lot of screen time.

    DC League of Super-Pets is a very fun watch. Kids will enjoy the action and cute animals. And teenagers and adults will enjoy the snarky humor. Definitely recommend it for everybody.